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About Us:

Knudsen Insurance Group specializes in managing risk across a variety of industries. The professionals at Knudsen Insurance Group have been cutting through complexity to help New Yorkers for more than 15 years. Knudsen Insurance Group does everything in excellence to promote first class service. Our customers are diversified geographically, culturally and financially. Knudsen Insurance Group provides personal insurance and employee benefits and financial services. Our Brokers are accustomed to protecting assets for a wide array of different companies ranging in size from single sole proprietor all the way up to large corporate accounts.
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Knudsen Insurance Group choice flexibility offers economy superior protection for your car, home and business. Knudsen Insurance Group has it all for you in one place. All of our services are comprehensive and affordable in price. Knudsen Insurance Group recognizes and respects the client's needs first and exerts all the energy to meet the responsibilities of our client's. Knudsen Insurance Group brokerage offers you the best coverage at the most competitive price. When you buy insurance you want an advocate who will properly assess the risk you face and give you an objective analysis of the marketplace.